Billiard Endowment for Applied Mathematics WPBA Pro Player, Aileen Pippen
Do you like to run rack after rack? Do you like crunching through theorems? Do you want a scholarship to attend WSU? The wonderful world of Pi
Hey you saw the poster


BALANCE: 50% Pool, 50% Math
Poster Stages: Start | Concept | Direction | Words | Balance | Final
After we put the professionally scanned image of Aileen in the poster, it became clear that the poster was looking more like a POOL poster than an MATH poster.

Emergency action was required to even out the tables.

First we added the number PI to the background of the poster. If you look closely at the top left of the poster, you'll see a small white PI. Following is are about 32,000 digits of the number (3.14159...). We purposely left this to be a nice surprise for the person who discovered it.

Next we placed a small white radius vector on one of the purple background circles.

Finally, we added the series of lines that explode from the cue ball. This was more of an artistic abstract expressing the trigonometric and geometric nature of billiards.

We were getting close, but something was missing.

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