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Do you like to run rack after rack? Do you like crunching through theorems? Do you want a scholarship to attend WSU? The wonderful world of Pi
Apply the Math
When you can't apply the math you know, you may want to shout out to your teacher, "Hey, teach, what am I ever going to use this math stuff for?" But when you get older and discover a pattern in the Stock Market, or you develop a piece of software that was never possible before, you'll be glad that you got that Math Degree!

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  by Douglas Hofstadter


Do you Like Mathematics?
Don't worry, admitting you like math doesn't make you a nerd! In fact, it could get you a scholarship.

The Billiard Endowment for Applied Mathematics was established to help you study Mathematics at Weber State University; preference will be given to you if your choose to study Applied Mathematics, or pursue a math teaching certificate.

What about my GPA?
No initial GPA requirements exist for first time scholarship candidates. However, after you receive scholarship money from this endowment, you must maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or higher in all math classes. In addition, you must also maintain good academic standing with WSU during your enrollment.

No Problem for a Math Genius like you!!

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